Perceivers & Believers

Bigfoot's Hand

a fusion of classic rock, alternative and new rock

Bigfoots hand is bringing back the Old with the New. Combining classic rock elements with current musical influences stemming from each indivdual member. The band formed in 2015 and is in the midst of recording their 1st EP. With guitarist and frontman Matteus Wyze delivering heartfelt vocal melodies and soulful guitar lines and his lifelong Friend & Brother Mike Maher envoking incredible & Ferocious guitar tones, the two connect on a magnetic level. Lighting up the darkness and coloring outside the lines is the Beautiful & Compelling Magdelaina Heart on keyboards and vocals. On the Bass guitar a man who demands your attention with his rumbling bass lines and groovy hooks we have Jeff Dumais. And lastly, our Heartbeat and our Back Bone, the lovely Sarah Jane, holding down the drums with her Altruistic & thunderous drum tones. Bottom line is If you like good music and like to dance you face off, Bigfoot's Hand is what your soul needs.

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